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Highly Sensitive 8-OHdG Check ELISA kit
About 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG):
8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) is a product of oxidatively damaged DNA formed by hydroxy radical, singlet oxygen and direct photodynamic action. 8-OHdG can be detected in tissue, serum, urine and other biomaterials. New 8-OHdG Check is a competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) utilising monoclonal antibody (clone N45.1) which is highly specific for DNA damage, not cross react with RNA oxidation products such as 8-hydroxy-guanine and 8-hydroxy-guanosine. This product is suitable for detection of 8-OHdG in urine and other biomaterialsfrom human and animals.
This product is a 8-OHdG ELISA kit utilizing anti 8-OHdG monoclonal antibody (clone N45.1) which is highly specific for 8-OHdG. We provide two types of 8-OHdG ELISA kits with different assay range. Highly Sensitive 8-OHdG Check ELISA is suitable for urine, serum , tissue and cultured cells.
Assay principle: Competitive ELISA (detection: 450 nm)
Specifity: Specific for 8-OHdG. Antibody have been tested to 8-OHdG analogues (guanosine(G),7-methyl-G, 6-SH-G, 8-Bromo-G, dA, dC, dT, dI, dU, dG, O6-methyl-dG,8-OHdA, guanine(Gua),O6-methyl-Gua, 8-OH-Gua, uric acid, urea, creatine, creatinine, 8-sulfhydryl-G, 8-OH-G).
Measuring range: 0.125 to 10 ng/mL
Format: 96 wells (18 samples in triple assays)
Applications: Urine, serum, tissue and cultured cells.
Storage: Store at 4 - 10°C (don't freeze).
Expiry: 9 months after the day of manufacturing.
Product name Code Application
Highly Sensitive 8-OHdG Check KOG-HS10E Serum, plasma, tissue and other biological fluids.
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FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for diagnostic, medical or other use.
Content of this kit
8-OHdG Microtiter Plate: Precoated with 8-OHdG(12 X 8wells, split type) 1 plate
Primary Antibody: Anti 8-OHdG antibody, powder. 1 vial
Primary Antibody Solution   1 vial (6mL)
Secondary Antibody: HRP-anti mouse antibody, powder. 1 vial
Secondary Antibody Solution:   1 vial (12mL)
Chromatic Solution: 3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbenzidine 1 vial (0.25mL)
Diluting Solution: H2O2 containing buffer. 1 vial (12mL)
Washing Solution(5x):   2 vials (26mLx2)
Reaction Terminating Solution: 1M Phosphoric acid. 1 vial (12mL)
Standard 8-OHdG Solution: Purified 8-OHdG (0.125, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 4, 10 ng/mL) 1 vial each
Plate Seal:   2 sheets
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[ 8-OHdG in saliva can be detected by 8-OHdG ELISA. ]
FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for diagnostic, medical or other use.