Our products will be shipped from Japan as follows, due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus).

The delivery term is as usual (around 4 to 7 days).


Company name: Japan Institute for the Control of Aging, Nikken SEIL Co., Ltd.

Address: Haruoka 710-1, Fukuroi, Shizuoka, 437-0122 Japan

URL: https://www.jaica.com/e/index.html

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Terms and Conditions
Current prices are confirmed at the time the order is accepted. All prices are quoted in US dollars, exclusive of taxes and freight. Orders are subject to final acceptance by Genox Corporation.

Prepayment by wire transfer or credit card is required. Checks can”Ēt be accepted. If you would need Net 30days, please contact us. Cancellation must be received prior to product shipment. Depending on the raw and regulations, orders can be canceled by Genox. Genox reserves the right to refuse cancellation after the day of shipment.

Ordered products will be shipped after we can confirm prepayment. Customs duty charges may also apply for international orders and are the responsibility of the consignee. Although products will be transferred at room temperature, they should be stored in refrigerator (4-8 degree C) or in freezer (below -20 degree C) or room temperature. Please confirm storage condition for each product upon arrival. Please notify us immediately if any damage upon arrival.

Customer must notify Genox within 48 hours of receipt if any defective, damage, lack of component or lack products ordered. A return authorization number will be required on all goods originating from Genox that a customer wishes to return.

Genox makes every effort to ensure to quality of the products it sells or otherwise represents. Genox makes no warranty of any kind except that its products will meet our specifications at the time of delivery. No other warranty is expressed or implied regarding the fitness for use or merchantability of any given product. Genox is not responsible for any contingent, incidental or consequential damages.

Genox products are for "Research Use Only". They should be handled by, and under the supervision of, qualified individuals with adequate training in laboratory safety, and familiarity with potential hazards and/or hazardous materials. Please refer SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for details.
[NOTICE]: Our products are for RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for diagnostic, medical or other use.

We are making efforts to prevent errors or mistakes on preparing web site documents, instruction manuals and products.
But even if some damage would causedby such faults, we will be exempt from responsibility.
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