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Biomarkers for DNA oxidation. oxidative stress
Anti thymidineglycol monoclonal antibody (clone 2E8) Anti thymidineglycol monoclonal antibody (clone 2E8) Anti thymidineglycol monoclonal antibody (clone 2E8)
Suitable for immunohistocheistry. For research use only.
[ Specific to DNA oxidation ]
Thymidineglycol (TG) is one of the major oxidation products of DNA. Thymidine (T) can be damaged by oxidative stress such as radiation and energy metabolism. Two different pathways to form TG have been suggested. Deoxythymidine in DNA is directly oxidised by hydroxy radical, to form TG. TG can be also formed through an intermediate thymidine chlorohydrin, which is derived from hypochlorous acid (HOCl) from neutrophil myeloperoxidase. Thymidineglycol is derived from DNA, not from RNA. TG is the oxidative stress marker secific for DNA damage.
[ Comparison with 8-OHdG ]
8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) is one of the well-known DNA oxidation products. In an lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-treated mouse liver, 8-OHdG can be stained in 24 hours after LPS treatment. TG can be detected in 6 hours, and remain at least for 72 hours. Anti TG monoclonal antibody (clone 2E8) has been established by Dr. Toshihiko Osawa (Nagoya Univ.). Poly dT (50 mer) has been oxidised by OsO4 and injected to Balb/c mouse as immunogen. This antibody can react with thymidineglycol in DNA or TG polymer, and suitable for immunohistochemistry.
[ Specifications ]
Antigen: Thymidineglycol polymer.
Form: Lyophilized power. Reconstitute by 1000 µL of distilled water. 100 µg/mL of IgG.
Subclass: Mouse IgG1 (kappa), clone 2E8
Specificity: Specific for DNA fragment containing thymidine glycol, and thymidine glycol polymer.
Cross reactivity have been tested to following analogues: oxidized deoxycytidine polymer, oxidized deoxyguanosine polymer and oxidized deoxyadenosine polymer. Not react with free thymidineglycol.
Application: Immunohistochemistry (antibody conc. 5 - 10 µg/mL)
Storage: Less than -20°C
1) Ito K, Yano T, Morodomi Y, Yoshida T, Kohno M, Haro A, Shikada Y, Okamoto T, Maruyama R, Maehara Y.
Serum antioxidant capacity and oxidative injury to pulmonary DNA in never-smokers with primary lung cancer.
Anticancer Res. 32(3),p1063-1067(2012)
Product name Code Content
Anti thymidineglycol (TG) monoclonal antibody MTG-100P 100 µg IgG

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