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Biomarkers for protein oxidation/nitration. Nitrosative stress
Anti 6-nitrotryptophan (NW) monoclonal antibody. Anti 6-nitrotryptophan (NW) monoclonal antibody. Anti 6-nitrotryptophan (NW) monoclonal antibody.
Suitable for immunohistocheistry, western blotting and ELISA. For research use only.
A novel biomarker for protein oxidation/nitration:
Reactive nitrogen species (RNS) are formed in a variety of diseases such as atherosclerosis, inflammation, cancer and neurodegenerative disiases. Peroxinitrite (ONOO-) is known as a potent biological oxidant, which is formed via very fast reaction between nitric oxide (NO) and superoxide (O2-). Peroxinitrite can induce nitration of aromatic amino acids such as Tyr, Trp, Phe and His, which results in modulation of protein functions.
To date, 6-nitrotryptophan (6-NO2-Trp) is shown to be one of the most stable and major ONOO--modified amino acids, and growing evidences suggest that nitrotryptophan may play a significant role in the cellular regulation under nitrosative stress.
An anti-6-nitrotryptophan monoclonal antibody has been developed by Prof. Yamakura at Juntendo University, which is suitable for immunohistochemistry, western blotting and ELISA. This antibody may provide a powerful tool for the investigation of nitrosative stress inside living bodies.
Antigen: 6-nitrotryptophan
Form: Lyophilized power. Reconstitute by 200 µL of distilled water. 100 µg/mL of IgG.
Subclass: Mouse IgG1(kappa), clone 117C. Protein A purified.
Specificity: Specific for 6-nitrotryptophan
Application: Immunohistochemistry, western blotting and ELISA
Storage: Less than -20°C
1) Ikeda K, Yukihiro Hiraoka B, Iwai H, Matsumoto T, Mineki R, Taka H, Takamori K, Ogawa H, Yamakura F:
Detection of 6-nitrotryptophan in proteins by Western blot analysis and its application for peroxynitrite-treated PC12 cells.
Nitric Oxide 16(1):18-28(2007)
2) Degendorfer G, Chuang CY, Hammer A, Malle E, Davies MJ.
Peroxynitrous acid induces structural and functional modifications to basement membranes and its key component, laminin.
Free Radic Biol Med 89,p721-733(2015). doi: 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2015.09.018.
Product name Code Content
Anti nitrotryptophan (NW) monoclonal antibody MNW-020P 20 µg IgG

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