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Traceelements Copper colorimetric assay kit Traceelements Copper colorimetric assay kit Traceelements Copper colorimetric assay kit
Easy to use. For cell lysates, serum, plasma and wide variety of biological samples.

Pre-preatment free!
Species independent!
No toxic substance!
Applicable to microplate reader!

[ Product Description ]
Inside human body, approximately 95% of copper in the plasma is attached to alpha-2- globulin, ceruloplasmin and some enzymes with ferroxidase activity. The main role of protein containing copper is oxidation-reduction function. Copper deficiency is known to be associated with some diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, Menkes syndrome and Wilson's disease. It has been also reported that copper deficiency may cause reduction of anti-oxidative function in vivo. On the other hand, the excess copper is toxic. This kit is a simple colorimetric assay which can detect copper precisely in biological fluids in a short period of time (about 10 minutes).
[ Assay principle ]
In this assay system, copper is dissociated from ceruloplasmin and other copper containing proteins, by denaturing agent in acidic condition. Free and protein-associated copper will form a copper -3-5 DiBr-PAESA complex, which can be detected by absorbance at 580 nm.

[ Performance ]
1. Sensitivity:
2. Accuracy:
3. Intra assay variation:
4. Assay range:
O.D. at 200 µg/dL standard will be 0.03 - 0.1
±10% of known concentration
C.V. is less than 5%
3 - 400 µg/dL
[ Specifications ]
Principle: DiBr-PAESA method (Colorimetric assay at 580 (570-590) nm)
Specifity: Specific to Cu2+ and Cu+
Assay range: 3 - 400 µg/dL
Time to answer: 10 minutes
Applications: Serum, plasma, urine, saliva, cell lysate, tissue extract, plant extract, hair extract, food extract and water. Will be interfered by EDTA.
Storage: 2 - 8°C (don't freeze).
Expiry: 1 year after the day of manufacturing.
Required but not provided: Distilled water
96 well microtiter plate
Micropipettors and pipette tips
Microtiter plate reader (measuring wavelength 580 nm)
[ Contents of this kit ]
R-1 Buffer (ready to use): 24 mL
R-2 Chelate color (ready to use): 0.5 mL
Copper standard 200 µg/dL (ready to use): 1.2 mL
[ References: Assay examples ]
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Product name Catalog# Assay range Size Price
MC Reagent Copper Assay Kit (3,5-DiBr-PAESA) CCU-400 3-400 µg/dL 100 tests US$370 / €285

Made in Japan.

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