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Trace elements colorimetric assay   Trace elements colorimetric assay
Ready-to-use assay kits to determine the quantity of functional signal molecule such as trace elements and electrolytes in biological samples. Varuery of samples such as serum, plasma, urine, saliva, cell lysate, tissue extract, hair extract, plant extract, food extract and environmental water can be applied. Using our kit with 96-well plate reader enable you to do high-through put assay at your own laboratory.

Target Code Assay principle Wavelength Assay range Tests Price
Fe CFE-005 Ferrozine 540-580 nm 5-1,000 µg/dL 100 US$330
CFE-010 Nitroso-PSAP 740-760 nm 10-1,000 µg/dL 100 US$330
UIBC CBC-800 Bathophenanthroline 540-550 nm 10-800 µg/dL 100 US$330
Cu CCU-400 3,5-DiBr-PAESA 570-590 nm 3-400 µg/dL 100 US$370
Zn CZN-001 5-Br-PAPS 550-580 nm 4-1,000 µg/dL 100 US$310
Ca CCA-020 Chlorophosphonazo III 680-700 nm 0.05-20 mg/dL 200 US$240
CCA-030 o-Cresolphtalein-Complexone 560-590 nm 0.2-30 mg/dL 200 US$240
Mg CMG-035 Xyridil Blue-I 660 nm 0.05-3.5 mg/dL 100 US$310
Fe/Iron Assay kit Ferrozine method Fe/Iron Assay kit Ferrozine method Fe/Iron Assay kit Ferrozine method
Iron is a mineral which binds many proteins and enzymes, and plays important roles in living bodies. MC-Reagent Fe Assay Kit provides a simple and convenient tool for the determination of Ferrous and/or Ferric ion in a variety of biological samples such as cell lysates, tissue homogenates, serum, plasma, saliva, urine, tissue extract, plant extract, hair and food extract.
Cu/Copper Assay kit Cu/Copper Assay kit Cu/Copper Assay kit
Inside human body, approximately 95% of copper in the plasma is attached to alpha-2- globulin, ceruloplasmin and some enzymes with ferroxidase activity. The main role of protein containing copper is oxidation-reduction function. Copper deficiency is known to be associated with some diseases.This kit is a simple colorimetric assay which can detect copper precisely in biological fluids in a short period of time (about 10 minutes).
Zn/Zinc Assay kit Zn/Zinc Assay kit Zn/Zinc Assay kit
Zinc is an essential mineral cofactor of more than 200 enzymes which involved in nucleic acid, and protein synthesis. Protein-bonded zinc is dissociated by denaturing agent. Free and protein-bonded zinc are mixed with 5-Br-PAPS to form chelate complex. Zinc-5-Br-PAPS complex can be detected by measuring absorbance at 560 nm.
Mg/Magnesium Assay kit Mg/Magnesium Assay kit Mg/Magnesium Assay kit
Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals in the living cells, and plays important roles in many metabolic reactions such as polyphosphoric acid formation and photosynthesis in the chlorophyll. MC Reagent Magnesium Assay Kit is a simple and easy colorimetric assay based on Xyridil Blue-I method, and can be applied to various biomaterials such as serum, tissue homogenates and cultured cells.
Ca/calcium Assay kit Ca/calcium Assay kit Ca/calcium Assay kit
o-Cresolphthalein Complexone (OCPC) and calcium can form a chelate complex with deep red color. The concentration of calcium can be determined by the absorbance at 570 nm. Although most OCPC-based calcium assay has sigmoid-shaped calibration plot, the calibration plot of this kit is linear and the calcium concentration can be estimated by simple one-point calibration.
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